Curly Hair

Three Haircuts for Curly Hair

Curly hair Curly hair can be incredibly hard to style, but with the right cut, you can minimize the trouble. If you are reading this article, you are probably familiar with the typical everyday struggles. However, either a blessing or a curse, this texture allows you to have a variety of styles and lengths. So […]

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Asymmetrical haircuts

Asymmetrical haircuts for blondes

In 2019, asymmetrical haircuts for blondes gained true popularity, but they did not lose their individuality. The secret of this fashionable trend is simple – a lot of styles and silhouettes of these hairstyles ideally highlight the features of appearance. It is worth to sort out in details what options will exactly suit you.   […]

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Trendy Haircuts

Trendy Haircuts for Women Over 50

At any stage in life, women aspire to look youthful and beautiful. Not only is it natural, it is also quite doable. At 50, there are numerous ways to make your image stunning. Your hair is its essential element, and it may be experimented with. There is no reason to stop following fashions and simply […]

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Haircuts with bangs

Haircuts with bangs for women over 50

The maturity for a woman is a time of serious change, both internal and external. A contemporary well-groomed lady in her fifties still looks attractive and modern, thanks to the help of cosmetologists and hairdressers. So, what hairstyles with a bang are suitable for women in their fifties?   The choice of cutting and color […]

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