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America is by of the immigrants that came to settle there. The settlers in the USA are the Indian-Americans who’ve been living there already before it was discovered by Christopher Columbus. Mexican immigrants came to America, men and women wonder the reply.

  • The answer to the question Immigrants is because most of them came to be rescued from becoming persecuted from a sect. The immigrants were like some.
  • The second answer to this query would be to escape famine from 12, why immigrants came to America. A famine occurred in the eighteenth century.

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  • The answer to the question¬†hong kong immigration usa is to locate opportunities that are great. Because infrastructures were needed to be assembled, when America was beginning employees were needed. Many became carpenters and farmers. A number of them sent money back. This is today, a situation that is happening.
  • The Response to the query, why immigrants came to America is because they wanted to seek out adventure. This new has been heard of by people from different countries including Mexico and they wanted to see it. A lot of them liked what they found in America and decided to settle.
  • The Response to the question for them to have the ability to escape the hardships Mexican immigrants is. They came to return. Mexicans settled in Colorado, Nevada, Texas and New Mexico.

Texas was once a land of Mexico. Subsequently General Antonio Lopez and his forces were defeated in a war in San Jacinto. Subsequently Texas Americans and Mexicans battled over it. Then Americans and settled for a little while in Mexico City. Treaty with the United States so they can gain sovereignty in Mexico and back they dropped five hundred miles. That territory had Mexicans who opted to become citizens. Nowadays many us immigration hong kong comes to work for salaries that are higher.